Tom The Sawyer
Portable Sawmill Service
Eudora, Kansas  (816) 896-5170

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The Forestry Forum has calculators for estimating log volume, board feet, weight, etc.  Check out the Forestry Forum Toolbox.

There is a wealth of information related to the handling and processing of wood products at the Woodweb.

There are a number of charts used to estimate the board footage available in a log.  The Doyle Scale is commonly used when buying and selling in log form.  

The International 1/4" Scale is used to estimate the yield when milling with a 1/4" thick circular blade. The bandsaw has a much thinner blade so there is less waste and will usually yield slightly more than the International Scale estimate.

Are you too far from Tom The Sawyer?  If you are in Kansas, check out the Kansas Forest Service listing of other sawmills in Kansas (by county).  

​Do you have timber to sell?  Here is a list of Kansas Timber Buyers

​​Not in Kansas?  The following listings may be able to help you find a sawmill service closer to you.

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